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MARCH 2019

Wanna See Something Spooky?

April 6th at The Halloween Club! 14447 Firestone Blvd. La Mirada, CA 90638

The Haunted House of the Ghoul Spook Show is coming to Spook Show 7 next month. Yes! A Spook Show at the Spook Show. April 6th at the Halloween Club in the city of La Mirada. Messages from beyond will be revealed! Objects will move and float by ghostly hands! Spooks and Spirits will appear! A Seance will be conducted! Skeletons will walk and perform! Witness all this and more when The Haunted House of the Ghoul Spook Show comes to The Halloween Club!

This is FREE EVENT, though you will be asked to sign in to get a wristband.

Show starts at 6:00!

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March 2019



With a heavy heart I have to announce there will be NO Haunted House of the Ghoul Spook Show this year. After 14 years we have never missed a Halloween until now. Everything was on track and looking amazing. But unfortunately there is a “partnership” involved in this yearly event that has become increasingly negative and difficult to deal w/. Myself and the Spooks put our heart and soul into this Haunt – I hate having this happen. The Spook Show will continue – but not here and not this Halloween.


September 20th. 2018:

I will be at The Halloween Club’s first Spook Show Biz-Aar on September 22nd from noon to 7:00pm.

I’ll be there to promote The Haunted House of the Ghoul Spook Show. Stop by for a spell and say “Hello-ween”

August 2nd. 2018:

A successful time at Midsummer Scream for The Haunted House of the Ghoul.

From left to right is David MacDougall (Doctor Zomba), Jeff Markin (Alive on Stage/Filmmaker), David Blake Lucarelli (Producer/writer for Doctor Zomba) & Yours truly, Robert Reynoso

Also recently received the footage of Robert Reynoso as Grimsby Grimsdyke appearing on Horror Kung-Fu Theatre.

JULY 20TH. 2018:
The Haunted House of the Ghoul is coming to this year’s MIDSUMMER SCREAM! Myself and few other “Spookers” will be talking about and giving a taste of our take on the ol’ time Spook Shows!

Night of the Living Spook Shows


April, 21st. 2018:
Just did a taping for Horror Kung Fu Theatre. Performing Spook Show Magic as Grimsby Grimsdyke.

Stay tuned for video. In the meantime, here are behind the scene photos.

Robert Reynoso will be performing a daytime sample of his Spook Show/Seance Theater Show at the 6th annual Halloween Club Spook Show Festival at 12:15 PM in La Miranda, California.

Robert will also be hosting The Spook-en Word – a open mic event at the Halloween Club Spook Show. This event is about audience members sharing any true life ghostly or paranormal encounters. We’re dying to hear your stories.